Brij Disa Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


The activities of the centre are five-fold through which the members of the centre engage with businesses, policy makers, students and other academic institutions.

  1. Academic Research- The centre supports and fosters academic research in the field of data science and AI.
  2. Knowledge Dissemination: The centre disseminates research reports/findings to key stake holders including academics through a variety of channels viz., media outreach, participation in academic and professional conferences, authored articles, workshops, etc.
  3. Industry Connect: The centre connects with the industry by collaborating with them in conducting workshops and seminars for the audience that is keen to track the progress of data science and AI in practice.
  4. Consulting Activities: The centre facilitates the businesses by connecting them with researchers who are working on cutting-edge problems and can help solve challenging business problems.
  5. Data-driven Policy Enablement: The centre enables the policy makes and the industries with reports on the trends and the progression of the analytics tools, techniques, market, opportunities, human capital, and other resources, within the country and worldwide.