Brij Disa Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


As a consequence of digital revolution, most of the organizations are deluged with data in the structured and unstructured form. Globally the organizations are facing a huge challenge in converting the information into knowledge for making better decisions. Building skills in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are thus increasingly valuable for organizations. Data science and AI are poised to infiltrate all organizations.

Organizations at the frontier of knowledge have begun taking advantage of data science and AI to grow and transform their strategies. A deep understanding of these ideas, and its role in business is now essential for the leaders to position their organizations, given that the upcoming wave of competition is going to be based on these new sciences. They need to identify the opportunities for data science and AI to be used profitably, to understand its implication in the business and plan its implementation. Thus, for a forward-looking organization, it is essential to invest in building capabilities in data science and AI to survive and grow. The Centre for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (CDSA) at IIMA is committed to play a catalytic role in this changing scenario by producing and disseminating knowledge in the realm of data science and AI.