Forthcoming R&P Event

R&P Committee Chairperson's Message


IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) is uniquely positioned to carry out path-breaking research in management. The faculty is engaged in solving industry problems, which provides them with new research contexts that are unique to the emerging economy. The faculty at the institute performs both quantitative as well as qualitative research in management, and often collaborate with other researchers on grant writing and research projects.

The Research and Publications (R&P) office at IIMA aims to support the research aspirations of faculty and research students on multiple fronts. The office organizes research webinars, seminars, and customized workshops to acclimatize them with the research developments in all areas of management. Researchers from IIMA disseminate their findings to academics as well as international researchers present their research findings to our researchers. The office also hosts faculty from other management and business schools at IIMA and facilitates their research talks. As we continue to strengthen our research capabilities, the R&P office supports faculty by providing both short-term and long-term research grants, facilitating research writing workshops, organizing research workshops and conferences, managing IIMA working paper series, and assisting with the publication editing process. Further, to support research collaborations, R&P also supports faculty with large-scale collaboration grant possibilities.

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Prof. Debjit Roy